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12 May 2006 @ 08:58 am
I'm so freaking nervous right now. I just looked at my grades so far. I got a B in banquet, my C from Culinary Tech is still there, and I got a C+ for Foodservice! My GPA is only 2.55! If I don't get an A in english, I'm fucked! I need to get that 3.0 to keep my scholarship! If I lose it, I'm in deep shit. Actually, I think I can get away with a B in english cuz when I had just the C, I had a 2.0. The B from banquet brought it way up to a 2.5. I think it did anyway. I sent a log to my english teacher that she couldn't open, but I got an immediate return e-mail that said that she's gone for the summer! SHIT! I really want to cry right now. I'm so nervous. I think I got really good grades in english. I got rid of a C I got on an essay and I think I did great on the final. I was missing just one homework assignment and my research paper was a B-. I'm really pulling for an A, but I don't know.

God, I'll never ask you for anything again if you just help me this time. *headesk*
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09 May 2006 @ 01:35 pm
I'm almost done! OMG! I had my trip this morning and already sent my essay on it. All I have left is my english final, which I feel will be harder than I thought, but oh well.

Speaking of the trip, it was hilarious, well, the trip there. I waited for Josh in the parking lot for a little while, and then he showed up. We waited for about 10 minutes for Maria, who never showed. We ended up speeding down Rt 1 to get to Somerset. Josh has a radar detector in his car and it went crazy at this one point and it said "laser". He was like, "Oh shit!". He immediately hit the brake and slowed down, but then we saw the cop pull out...from under a bridge that was a quarter a mile away from where the thing first went off! Not to mention there were a bunch cars between us and the cop. Well, at this point, we're praying he didn't pull out for us. Sure enough, he gets behind us in the fast lane. Josh goes to the middle lane, and the cop turns on his lights after he follows us. Awesome.

The cop comes over to my window *hides* and he goes, "state police, liscense, insurance and registration". So we know at this point there's no fucking around. State police aren't fun. So Josh tells the guy, "We're trying to get to the Palace by 10 and if we don't, we fail the class". He also told the cop that he's never been pulled over before (total lie, he's been pulled over 3 other times). The cop reacts to his Palace story with a strong, "Is that my problem?". I was like hoshit. After everything............Josh doesn't get jack shit! Not even a warning! He said, "You're good luck! You got me out of the ticket! From a state cop! After I got caught going 25 over the speed limit!". It was great. We ended up late, but we got there in one piece and didn't miss anything. Just had to explain to the teacher what happened.

I got to leave in about 45 minutes for my final. *headesk* Wish me luck guys!!!!!

NOTE TO FINLEY: You're coming with me to the eye doctor right? If you are, just wanna let you know that I'm meeting with my teacher at 10 in the morning, but after that I'll be able to pick you up, unless I have to clean a box out from the basement for mom. If so, then I'll pick you up after I do all that shit.
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02 May 2006 @ 05:17 pm
I've got 2 of my finals done. Foodservice Operation and Banquet no longer get a flying fuck care from me. English is the only one left now. Speaking of english, I watched Robots after Ray bought it for me from Target yesterday. Went to class today and there was only one girl in the room. I've talked to her almost every week (when she's in class anyway) and I asked her if she was around last week, hoping she had notes. She wasn't. We were there for 10 minutes and no one showed, including the teacher. Ain't it fun when you and someone else whoe wasn't around last class are waiting for other people to arrive and you have that impending doom-filled feeling that clas was cancelled and you just wasted a trip? Well, we had that. And we went to the teacher's office two buildings away and found out class was cancelled. What's even better is she wouldn't tell us directly what they talked about last week, so we have no fucking notes! She told us to poll the class and see what they did, which is great since three people who have gotten several e-mails from me haven't said jack-shit to me for the last week. So it's on Robots and the sides of fiction........there's a grand-spanking total of 7 sides! MOTHER FUCKER!

I'm still stoked that the other finals are done. Still gotta go to banquet at 8 in the morning though because of Melina in our class. She got half the class to vote for coming in uber early because we "beat the traffic". Bullshit! That's the most amount of traffic! Gah! Gotta go there at 7:30 in reality since Maria, Breanna and I have to throw together our meal notebook and make it awesome so we get a bitchin' grade from it. I'm so over this semester. Someone make it end now...
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01 May 2006 @ 03:06 pm
So right now I'm at school, trying really hard to stay entertained until Breanna gets out of her class and we talk to Lynch. Maria can't show up today because of the spanish immigrant rally or w/e in Plainfield or NYC (she wasn't sure which one she was going to). Her mom wouldn't let her come to school, or so she says. I know the rally is really happening because Ray confirmed it, but still. Maria should've fought a little more because she basically screwed Bre because Bre's working all day tomorrow, which is when Maria wants to meet. *sigh* This blows.

I've been here since 10:30 or so. I studied for a good hour and a half with Bryan and Chris. Joe had quantity, so he couldn't come, but he brought us spinach artichoke dip in a pumpernickel bread bowl. That was good shit! Right now I'm just kinda chillin'. I read a few fics on ff.net. Those were pretty good. I left comments, hoping they'll check out SFS. I gotta start typing up KOL: Konoha Online. That's a good one that can go on both ff.net and AFF. Wo0t! Creativity is back, baby, yea!

Still no word from my english teacher on my english final. I have to watch Robots and get notes from this chick in class. I e-mailed the professor twice, the girl I asked in class twice, another girl twice (Tim Yankalunas's sister, Kim), and this guy that sits by me once, and I've gotten NO RESPONSES! *headesk* I'm really hoping that the teacher stayed with the syllabus and that the final is next week. I will be screwed if it's not. Sca-rewed!

I'm really bored. I can't think of a whole lot to type about. Oh! I got woken up early this morning (went to bed at 1 btw) b/c mom was throwing up in the bathroom next door to me. She's got some type of virus now, so she stayed home from work. Hopefully she'll be ok soon since my grandma's coming home from the hospital in a few days. My aunt from Mass. is here in town too. That'll be fun seeing her. She's the "eccentric" one in the family aka really really loud. lol

I think I'm going to type up some stuff for my friend Crysi for the final tomorrow in Foodservice, then do some brainstorming for Lost/Naruto fic. (Remember the plan for Gaara, Finley....lol).
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29 April 2006 @ 01:41 pm
I'm so freaking happy right now! I got my laptop back online! I did it all by myself too! *proudness* You know what that means! FIC UPDATES GALORE! DAMN SKIPPY!
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28 April 2006 @ 02:23 pm
Ok, did anyone find that Naruto hentai we've been looking for? I just found more screenshots and I'm like, "We've gotta watch this". The one that I found that surprised me the most was the Kurenai x Shino screenshot. I was like OMGWTFBBQ?! lol.

Did anyone find it?
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27 April 2006 @ 01:33 pm
I'm sooooooooo sore today. I woke up totally fucked up. I pulled a muscle in the middle of my meal yesterday which was utterly destroyed by the waitstaff. Omg I was so pissed. This one kid showed up hungover! And he had to be a waiter! *headesk* People were complaining every two seconds about it. At least the food was good. That made me happy because that was my department. Poor Breanna. She was talking to the waitstaff and they walked away from her while she was talking. That's pretty bad. She was going to fucking kill someone. I'll explain everything to you guys in person when I see you all (which will hopefully be soon). I've got more details for you that you'll all be like, "how the fuck did you NOT kill someone?!"

All that matters to me now is that I've got some essays for banquet to do, I've got to put together the meal notebook with Breanna and Maria, do the employee grades with them, do some stuff for english, and study for finals. That doesn't seem like a whole lot to me anymore. As far as I'm concerned, it's summer vacation now. *sigh of relief*
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24 April 2006 @ 05:51 pm
Foodservice project is done. English is done. Still have to retype mushroom recipe. That's about the extent of my good news.

Here's the bad news. My grandmother's been in the hospital for awhile now for her heart. She was transported to Robert Wood today for a pacemaker operation. Well, that was cancelled. They wanted to do some blood tests. For what you ask? To see if the blood clots in her legs could take the shock from the difibulator, cuz if they can't and they do it, they could loosen and go into her brain or heart and cause instant death. Here's another one for ya, one of her lower chambers of her heart is only doing half a full pump, which a shock from the difibulator could kill her there too.

She can't go to the meal now.

After tonight, I may never see her again.

Atleast she's accepted the risks....
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22 April 2006 @ 06:42 pm
Just wanted to test the new icon that I made. It's really stupid but oh well. lol
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22 April 2006 @ 03:05 pm
Go to neko_two_tail for Fool's Fight, chapter 1 of my pride and joy, Sacrifice for Shikamaru! YAY! I CAN LJ CUT NOW!
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