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19 August 2006 @ 06:58 pm
*sigh* How I miss him already....  
Well, Ray left last night to go to Florida with his folks. And after 24 hours, I can officially say that I'M GOING TO LOSE MY FREAKING MIND!!!!! I know that's kind of sad and all, but remember, we're the two that are never far from each other. It's kind of tough dealing with him being so far away. But I know in my heart that he's going to have fun, so I'll deal with it. Besides, I'll have 34 hours of work to keep my mind off him.

You read that right, 34 hours this week. Sunday is 8-12, then Monday thru Friday is 5-11. 6 hours starting at 5!!! KILL ME NOW! *dies* But, like I said, it'll keep my mind off of Ray while he's gone. I'll definately be taking naps after work this week. lol. If anyone wants to do anything after my naps, let me know.

And be on the look out for a call from me or a post about my b-day dinner. It will probably be around the end of August (the very end). You guys will know when I know.

I MISS RAY!!!!!! *cries*
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