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01 July 2006 @ 10:07 am
Dynamic Re-Entry  
Yes, I'm back! I'm still alive (as noted in bb's last entry). These past few weeks have been all around interesting. My cousin's wedding was incredible. My uncle got drunk and kept dancing with everyone and tried to flip his shoes onto my grandma's table and scared her. Good job, Uncle Joe. lol. It was a lot of fun though.

Went to Great Adventure with Nico, Ray and Karen. Nico got in free with Karen's season pass. Ray and I had a coke can, but we lost it, so we stole two that were just sitting around. Almost yoinked a third, but decided not to. Lots of fun ensued. I got Dippin' Dots..mmmmm. And Paco the giant blue chameleon! His eyelids can be moved and his throat can be expanded. Tis wierd. And I got a Tanuki (I think), the thing that Gaara's shukaku is based off of. Got stuck in 4 hours worth of traffic on the Turnpike coming home cuz a tractor trailer flipped over the divider onto our side. Medical choppers were called in and the traffic went from where the accident was at Exit 8A all the way to 7A. They closed down both sides of the Turnpike near the accident. Thank God for John getting us home with his directions. Yay John!

Everything else is just kinda normal stuff. Hanging out with Ray and Manny and others. Chilled with bb yesterday. Ray got a bogus parking ticket that I'm hoping he fights cuz it's bullshit. (Fuck Metuchen cops). Ray's grandparents from DR are in town. They don't speak english, but apparently they really like me. Thank God. I was hoping they would. They're really nice and seem like they're really funny. (If only I could understand the jokes). lol. I got another grant for school, so to my name, I have roughly $5000 for this coming school year. Wo0t! Another year I don't pay for! lol. I <3 MCC.

On more solemn news, my grandma was in the hospital yet again. She's had fluid in her lungs for awhile and lately, she's been the most exhausted and weak that she's ever been. It was scary for awhile, but she's supposively getting out today. She's doing much better according to my mom. They had to remove the fluid mannually, but I hear she's doing good.

On the job front....I HAVE ONE! I start working at the Dunkin' Donuts/bakery at Stop and Shop on Thursday for training. They're going to train me for register in case they need me to fill in when it gets busy, and they're going to also train me for the D'D register, since they're much different apparently. I hope I make it past the first month. I'll get at least a paycheck before FL! Yay!

New Naruto game for PS2 totally rocks. I love it! Shika's english voice is so mmmmm. So is Gaara's. Oro sounds more gay than he should as does Jiraiya. Yondaime makes a cameo appearance! Wo0t! Gaara's top move is Shukaku which looks awesome even though they make it so you can't fully see it. *swoon*

Breaking news: Grandma can't come home today. Mom just talked to her. Her blood pressure is really low and they don't want to risk letting her leave today. Mom's sick though, so it's kinda good cuz mom doesn't want to risk getting her any sicker. I know in my heart will turn out well.
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