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12 June 2006 @ 09:51 pm
In a cosplay kinda mood  
Well, I'm officially in my freaky cosplay mood. I've thought about some cosplays I'd really like to do for next year. I figure I'll pay my own way for stuff by then, so I'll go for the whole weekend. I've figured a few costumes, but which ones I'm going to do is kinda driving me nuts. I figured maybe I could get feedback from all of you guys to see which ones I should go for.

-Anko: I adore her because of her "don't fuck with me" attitude and her pure sexiness. She's so awesome.
-Sexy no jutsu Kyuubi style: I thought of this last year, and I still really want to do it. It would be a whole original costume. I'd make a torn up orange shirt and skirt and attach a fox tail to the skirt and wear fox ears. Keep the pigtails and the lines on the face, but color them in really roughly like when Naruto goes all Kyuubi.
-Sexy no jutsu Kiba and Shikamaru: Anyone who truly knows me knows that I LOVE these two. I figure I'd make some major changes to their current costumes (the 12 year old ones, not current-current costumes), and femalefy them. (You like that word, you know you do).
-Tsunade: I know she's Finley's kunoichi, but still. It'd be fun.

Now, I've actually got some suggestions for bb and Finley for their future Naruto cosplays.

-Kurenai: Seriously, go for it. You'd look totally awesome and just like her, I swear to God!
-Sexy no jutsu Neji: Though Neji is already really close to girlyness, you'd pull it off to make him even more feminine than he already is. lol
-Tenten: I know you've talked about this before, I agree with you that you should be Tenten one day.

-Tsunade: Not only do you have the boobs and the hair length, but you've got the gambling addiction to go with it! You're a complete package! (Just gotta turn into me and become blond, then you're good as gold!)
-Sexy no jutsu Sasuke: You know that fanart where Sasuke wears the Akatsuki dress? Yea, go for that look. lol
-Sexy no jutsu Deidara/Sasori: You know you wanna.....don't try to fight it....

Yea, I'm done now. Gotta go do designs for my costumes for next year!!!
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Demy XD: Naruto: gay Sasukechupathinge on June 13th, 2006 05:49 am (UTC)
Why must you tempt me!?!