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08 June 2006 @ 10:28 pm
>.O Make the twitching stop!  
My right eyebrow has been twitching for the past few days. I was just looking it up online on what can make it stop. I think I need more sleep. (It's past 1:30 in the AM btw! lol).

Today was pretty normal. Hung out with Ray and Manny, watching Red vs Blue and playing DDR (only Ray and I played. Manny's not a very coordinated dancing nin lol). When Ray went to work, I took Manny to the train station. I love my delicate nin from PR, but I could really use some time with Ray alone ya know? I don't know if that's me being wierd, possessive or normal, but I could use some "just us" time. This doesn't mean I don't want anyone else to go to the movies with us tomorrow (which, for anyone who doesn't know, is going to be at 11:15 at Menlo I believe), but afterwards I'd like to be with Ray alone for awhile. With him working so much, and people keep randomly inviting themselves over, it's hard to have boyfriend/girlfriend time, ya know? I don't know, maybe I'm just being a possessive girlfriend. I love hanging out with everyone, but Ray and I haven't been by ourselves for awhile. Manny was in town since Tuesday night, and almost everyday this past week someone was around us. I'm confuzzled.

Damn my eyebrow!!!! >.0

I went thru a box downstairs of the stuff that used to be on my old desk that I'm getting rid of (anyone want it? lol). I found this hardcover notebook that I used junior year. It showed the transition between Joe and Ray. I laughed when I read the page where Ray and I had a one-line-zinger war. That was great. I remembered it too. I also found an old diary of mine that I read. Had a lot of gaps, but the stuff that was in there was almost embarrassing, and I was reading to myself! Apparently, in the span of about a year and a half, I like Ike, Anthony, Jon D, Chris A, Chris G, Mark *pukes*, Alex D, Rob P (so did every other girl at Herbert Hoover and EHS), and I had gained an online bf named Nathan. (I was surprised I didn't write about the fact I had 5 online bfs at once. I was an online whore lol). I'm sure I'm forgetting people too in that list of crushes. I was a lonely little white girl in middle school and in half of high school. What I thought was entertaining was that I made up a bf-broke-up-with-me story to get Rob and Ike's pity and the fake bf's name was Joe. I was like OMGWTF?!?!?! lol

Omg eyebrow! DIE! I'm going to go to sleep so it'll stop. Hopefully I don't feel it in my sleep like last night! Grah!
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darkjedininja: greeddarkjedininja on June 9th, 2006 05:51 am (UTC)
its normal shannon fear not. there was like two weeks where i didnt see kristen at all and it sucked big time. after the movie i know i need to be with kristen so dont feel bad about peacing out. u online whore hehe
OliOliOxenFreeposer1111 on June 9th, 2006 07:25 am (UTC)
You have to make dates and say no to people who want to do stuff when you are supposed to be "on a date". Set up the time in advance, have Ray request off of work in advance, and do something together even if it's just watching TV or talking.