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03 June 2006 @ 10:13 am
Hurried update  
Mom and I are leaving the house soon to pick up a sheet cake for church tomorrow, so I gotta make this quick. Yesterday I spent time with Ray, Breanna and Josh. Ray and I made shish kabob by ourselves with a sauce that we kind of remembered from the ribs we made, but we just added the shit together and tasted as we went. That was fun. I skewered mine on a fresh rosemary stick/branch/thingy. It looked like I was eating the meat off a pine tree branch.

Josh: How's your stick?
Me: *stares at him after just biting into a piece of meat*
Josh: *laughs*
BReanna: How's your stick?
Me: Didn't you just say that Josh?
lol I love hanging out with these two.

After eating, we went to Woodbridge Mall to go to the Nestle Toll House Cafe since they didn't know about it. Butterfinger Mocha. Mmmmmm. Went to the Goth N Go where this kid fell into the pants display rack and push it into the notebook display that I was standing next to and pushed it into me. Ray just kinda stood there, which Josh had to comment on.

Josh: I was looking at Ray like, "Ya gonna pull your girlfriend out of harms way or are you gonna wait till the thing kills her?"

Ray bought me Squee, literally! JV wrote a comic just for Squee from JTHM! Johnny makes an appearance, and there's Noodle Boy comic after Noodle Boy comic, but I read through more than half in one sitting and my mind is still in my head. Yay!

Played ping pong with Bre after driving in the horrid rain again. I couldn't see any lines on Woodbridge Ave. It was horrible. Ping pong was great. We were using 3 ping pong balls at once. (Sweet 16 anyone?). Then Bre and I played in the rain and went puddle jumping. My feet are itchy now from it, but it was so worth it. Played war with her too after Josh and Ray finished playing poker.

Ray bought Perfect Dark Zero.....so sexy.

Ok, gotta go get cake! I typed way more than I thought I could get through. Yay for fast typing skills!
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