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05 December 2006 @ 11:35 pm
Turns out I did extra work on my project. I didn't have to cost all the ingredients.........just 25 of them. >.< I should've kept the prices, maybe I would've gotten extra credit, but I totally doubt that. Professor's a bitch with pointage. I have 9 of the 10 done though, and then I've got the 25 specifications, then I've gotta fix up the forecasts. After that, I'm done. Just gotta pick up a portfolio dealy for it. 

Ok, I've gotta get downstairs. Mom's going to bed and I don't wanna keep her up by typing away. Maybe I'll write some of the fic. Hmmm.
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19 August 2006 @ 06:58 pm
Well, Ray left last night to go to Florida with his folks. And after 24 hours, I can officially say that I'M GOING TO LOSE MY FREAKING MIND!!!!! I know that's kind of sad and all, but remember, we're the two that are never far from each other. It's kind of tough dealing with him being so far away. But I know in my heart that he's going to have fun, so I'll deal with it. Besides, I'll have 34 hours of work to keep my mind off him.

You read that right, 34 hours this week. Sunday is 8-12, then Monday thru Friday is 5-11. 6 hours starting at 5!!! KILL ME NOW! *dies* But, like I said, it'll keep my mind off of Ray while he's gone. I'll definately be taking naps after work this week. lol. If anyone wants to do anything after my naps, let me know.

And be on the look out for a call from me or a post about my b-day dinner. It will probably be around the end of August (the very end). You guys will know when I know.

I MISS RAY!!!!!! *cries*
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08 August 2006 @ 07:32 am
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01 July 2006 @ 10:07 am
Yes, I'm back! I'm still alive (as noted in bb's last entry). These past few weeks have been all around interesting. My cousin's wedding was incredible. My uncle got drunk and kept dancing with everyone and tried to flip his shoes onto my grandma's table and scared her. Good job, Uncle Joe. lol. It was a lot of fun though.

Went to Great Adventure with Nico, Ray and Karen. Nico got in free with Karen's season pass. Ray and I had a coke can, but we lost it, so we stole two that were just sitting around. Almost yoinked a third, but decided not to. Lots of fun ensued. I got Dippin' Dots..mmmmm. And Paco the giant blue chameleon! His eyelids can be moved and his throat can be expanded. Tis wierd. And I got a Tanuki (I think), the thing that Gaara's shukaku is based off of. Got stuck in 4 hours worth of traffic on the Turnpike coming home cuz a tractor trailer flipped over the divider onto our side. Medical choppers were called in and the traffic went from where the accident was at Exit 8A all the way to 7A. They closed down both sides of the Turnpike near the accident. Thank God for John getting us home with his directions. Yay John!

Everything else is just kinda normal stuff. Hanging out with Ray and Manny and others. Chilled with bb yesterday. Ray got a bogus parking ticket that I'm hoping he fights cuz it's bullshit. (Fuck Metuchen cops). Ray's grandparents from DR are in town. They don't speak english, but apparently they really like me. Thank God. I was hoping they would. They're really nice and seem like they're really funny. (If only I could understand the jokes). lol. I got another grant for school, so to my name, I have roughly $5000 for this coming school year. Wo0t! Another year I don't pay for! lol. I <3 MCC.

On more solemn news, my grandma was in the hospital yet again. She's had fluid in her lungs for awhile and lately, she's been the most exhausted and weak that she's ever been. It was scary for awhile, but she's supposively getting out today. She's doing much better according to my mom. They had to remove the fluid mannually, but I hear she's doing good.

On the job front....I HAVE ONE! I start working at the Dunkin' Donuts/bakery at Stop and Shop on Thursday for training. They're going to train me for register in case they need me to fill in when it gets busy, and they're going to also train me for the D'D register, since they're much different apparently. I hope I make it past the first month. I'll get at least a paycheck before FL! Yay!

New Naruto game for PS2 totally rocks. I love it! Shika's english voice is so mmmmm. So is Gaara's. Oro sounds more gay than he should as does Jiraiya. Yondaime makes a cameo appearance! Wo0t! Gaara's top move is Shukaku which looks awesome even though they make it so you can't fully see it. *swoon*

Breaking news: Grandma can't come home today. Mom just talked to her. Her blood pressure is really low and they don't want to risk letting her leave today. Mom's sick though, so it's kinda good cuz mom doesn't want to risk getting her any sicker. I know in my heart will turn out well.
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16 June 2006 @ 08:51 pm
I'm really excited about my cousin Jill's wedding tomorrow down the shore. It's going to be so much fun. All weddings with my family are. And with Ray there, its an added bonus since I don't have to feel so lonely while I'm there. And I know he'll have fun there too. The drive there will suck though cuz it'll be at least an hour and with the dresses hanging in the back of the car, I won't really be able to open my window to keep myself from getting sick. I'm going to ask if we can get some soda for me so I don't get sick too quickly.

Today was pretty hectic, even though it's not even my wedding. Well, not really hectic, just long as hell. I was in the hairdresser's for 4 HOURS! I got my hair highlighted (a lot, but it looks great!), trimmed and straigtened, my eyebrows waxed and my nails done. I know, scary, ain't it? *flashes French manicure* Wo0t! It's like prom all over again! lol

The rest of the day was just trying to relax. Ray and I picked up more crack aka Naruto cards. It's worse than my Pokemon pandemic in '98! lol. I have a holographic Akamaru now that I traded with Ray for. He also gave me sexy no jutsu! I gave him my holo of Naruto that he didn't have. I have an extra Sasuke now that I think I'll let Finley have. It's not holo, but still cool. He's a pin cushion! Wooo! lol

Hope everyone is having at the con! I WANT PRETTY THINGS!!!
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12 June 2006 @ 09:51 pm
Well, I'm officially in my freaky cosplay mood. I've thought about some cosplays I'd really like to do for next year. I figure I'll pay my own way for stuff by then, so I'll go for the whole weekend. I've figured a few costumes, but which ones I'm going to do is kinda driving me nuts. I figured maybe I could get feedback from all of you guys to see which ones I should go for.

-Anko: I adore her because of her "don't fuck with me" attitude and her pure sexiness. She's so awesome.
-Sexy no jutsu Kyuubi style: I thought of this last year, and I still really want to do it. It would be a whole original costume. I'd make a torn up orange shirt and skirt and attach a fox tail to the skirt and wear fox ears. Keep the pigtails and the lines on the face, but color them in really roughly like when Naruto goes all Kyuubi.
-Sexy no jutsu Kiba and Shikamaru: Anyone who truly knows me knows that I LOVE these two. I figure I'd make some major changes to their current costumes (the 12 year old ones, not current-current costumes), and femalefy them. (You like that word, you know you do).
-Tsunade: I know she's Finley's kunoichi, but still. It'd be fun.

Now, I've actually got some suggestions for bb and Finley for their future Naruto cosplays.

-Kurenai: Seriously, go for it. You'd look totally awesome and just like her, I swear to God!
-Sexy no jutsu Neji: Though Neji is already really close to girlyness, you'd pull it off to make him even more feminine than he already is. lol
-Tenten: I know you've talked about this before, I agree with you that you should be Tenten one day.

-Tsunade: Not only do you have the boobs and the hair length, but you've got the gambling addiction to go with it! You're a complete package! (Just gotta turn into me and become blond, then you're good as gold!)
-Sexy no jutsu Sasuke: You know that fanart where Sasuke wears the Akatsuki dress? Yea, go for that look. lol
-Sexy no jutsu Deidara/Sasori: You know you wanna.....don't try to fight it....

Yea, I'm done now. Gotta go do designs for my costumes for next year!!!
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08 June 2006 @ 10:28 pm
My right eyebrow has been twitching for the past few days. I was just looking it up online on what can make it stop. I think I need more sleep. (It's past 1:30 in the AM btw! lol).

Today was pretty normal. Hung out with Ray and Manny, watching Red vs Blue and playing DDR (only Ray and I played. Manny's not a very coordinated dancing nin lol). When Ray went to work, I took Manny to the train station. I love my delicate nin from PR, but I could really use some time with Ray alone ya know? I don't know if that's me being wierd, possessive or normal, but I could use some "just us" time. This doesn't mean I don't want anyone else to go to the movies with us tomorrow (which, for anyone who doesn't know, is going to be at 11:15 at Menlo I believe), but afterwards I'd like to be with Ray alone for awhile. With him working so much, and people keep randomly inviting themselves over, it's hard to have boyfriend/girlfriend time, ya know? I don't know, maybe I'm just being a possessive girlfriend. I love hanging out with everyone, but Ray and I haven't been by ourselves for awhile. Manny was in town since Tuesday night, and almost everyday this past week someone was around us. I'm confuzzled.

Damn my eyebrow!!!! >.0

I went thru a box downstairs of the stuff that used to be on my old desk that I'm getting rid of (anyone want it? lol). I found this hardcover notebook that I used junior year. It showed the transition between Joe and Ray. I laughed when I read the page where Ray and I had a one-line-zinger war. That was great. I remembered it too. I also found an old diary of mine that I read. Had a lot of gaps, but the stuff that was in there was almost embarrassing, and I was reading to myself! Apparently, in the span of about a year and a half, I like Ike, Anthony, Jon D, Chris A, Chris G, Mark *pukes*, Alex D, Rob P (so did every other girl at Herbert Hoover and EHS), and I had gained an online bf named Nathan. (I was surprised I didn't write about the fact I had 5 online bfs at once. I was an online whore lol). I'm sure I'm forgetting people too in that list of crushes. I was a lonely little white girl in middle school and in half of high school. What I thought was entertaining was that I made up a bf-broke-up-with-me story to get Rob and Ike's pity and the fake bf's name was Joe. I was like OMGWTF?!?!?! lol

Omg eyebrow! DIE! I'm going to go to sleep so it'll stop. Hopefully I don't feel it in my sleep like last night! Grah!
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03 June 2006 @ 10:13 am
Mom and I are leaving the house soon to pick up a sheet cake for church tomorrow, so I gotta make this quick. Yesterday I spent time with Ray, Breanna and Josh. Ray and I made shish kabob by ourselves with a sauce that we kind of remembered from the ribs we made, but we just added the shit together and tasted as we went. That was fun. I skewered mine on a fresh rosemary stick/branch/thingy. It looked like I was eating the meat off a pine tree branch.

Josh: How's your stick?
Me: *stares at him after just biting into a piece of meat*
Josh: *laughs*
BReanna: How's your stick?
Me: Didn't you just say that Josh?
lol I love hanging out with these two.

After eating, we went to Woodbridge Mall to go to the Nestle Toll House Cafe since they didn't know about it. Butterfinger Mocha. Mmmmmm. Went to the Goth N Go where this kid fell into the pants display rack and push it into the notebook display that I was standing next to and pushed it into me. Ray just kinda stood there, which Josh had to comment on.

Josh: I was looking at Ray like, "Ya gonna pull your girlfriend out of harms way or are you gonna wait till the thing kills her?"

Ray bought me Squee, literally! JV wrote a comic just for Squee from JTHM! Johnny makes an appearance, and there's Noodle Boy comic after Noodle Boy comic, but I read through more than half in one sitting and my mind is still in my head. Yay!

Played ping pong with Bre after driving in the horrid rain again. I couldn't see any lines on Woodbridge Ave. It was horrible. Ping pong was great. We were using 3 ping pong balls at once. (Sweet 16 anyone?). Then Bre and I played in the rain and went puddle jumping. My feet are itchy now from it, but it was so worth it. Played war with her too after Josh and Ray finished playing poker.

Ray bought Perfect Dark Zero.....so sexy.

Ok, gotta go get cake! I typed way more than I thought I could get through. Yay for fast typing skills!
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15 May 2006 @ 08:31 pm
So I just checked my grades. Let me tell you, my heart was pounding as I put in my username and password for campuscruiser. I got in and it said I had a new e-mail. It was from my culinary professor Professor Lynch. It said, "Shannon, check your grade for HRI 115". That's the foodservice operations class. That had me both nervous and excited at the same time. I clicked on webadvisor and on My Grades for the spring 06 semester. Low and behold, SHE CHANGED MY GRADE FROM A C+ TO A B-! Not only that, but I got an A- for english! OMG!

However, I still didn't break a 3.0 GPA for the term..............BUT FUCK TERM GPA! KNOW WHY?! From what I come to understand, that scholarship goes by cumulative GPA bitches! That's right! My ass is safe! I'm just hoping that I'm right as far as that's concerned. lol. I'm sure I'm right though. I'll just e-mail the guy that gave it to me and see what he says. If it doesn't work, I'm sure I can apply for other scholarships. I'll be fine. I'm so happy with my grades though! (Besides Culinary Tech, but that's what I get for letting someone else push me around and do all my shit. Fuck you, Maria. I could've written a better essay on France in a fucking coma!)

Anyway, besides all that grade shit, this day turned out pretty well. Chilled with Ray and UB after I picked Ray up from work. That was fun. We went to the mall and saw Chuck, Eric and Larry. Larry was peeling this sticker-like protector shit off these plastic things they're going to use to hang signs up with and I helped him. He was like, "I can't give you money for your work but I do have crackers". He gave me peanut butter ones too! I took those and did about 20 of the things. I did more than I had to he told me, but it was kinda fun being how I was going a lot faster than him. Later I had to say, "Crackers for a cracker!". That was great.

Lately I've been totally HOOKED on Chibi-Robo. bb, how far are you now? I'm rank 7 and I gotta get the pirate captain's crew and something else (which I can't remember right now). Oh! I gotta get to the Princess in Jenny's Room. That was it. lol.

I'm so happy and relieved right now.
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14 May 2006 @ 05:01 pm
Woke up this morning with a phone call from Ray (as usual). Fell back asleep and was woken up by mom saying, "Shan, you gotta get up. We have to be at Mrs. Luckus's at noon". Mrs. Luckus is John's mom. I was like, "Shit". So I got up and got dressed and everything and we ended up being an hour late anyway. We were there from 1 or so till five. By then I was like, "I gotta leave and visit Ray before he goes to work!" He brought Nico to get her new guitar. I missed that whole excursion. I fell asleep on the floor while I was there. Me, John's bro Jason, my Uncle Glen and Jason's girlfriend Sarah all fell asleep. It was pretty funny.

Got to Ray's and said Happy Mom's Day to the mothers there. Ray got my mom snapdragon flowers, which she loves now. I was there for a few, then left when Ray left to go to my grandmother's house. Talked to my aunt for awhile, tried to keep an eye on my little cousins who were being little terrors for one reason or another, ended up getting home around 7:45. Not too bad.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT TO BB AND FINLEY! The two of you are going to be so freaking proud of me. Finley knows about my idea of a Neji/Sasuke/Shika fic. I started writing it the other night and let me tell you, it's going to be freaking awesome. Each chapter will be in each of their point of views about what's going on. It's going to be called "Brains Over Angst". Of course that's a play on Brains Over Brawn, and its the whole uke/seme thing too. Gotta love it. Keep an eye out for the first chapter on neko_two_tail and on AFF under LazyNinjaLuvr. It's gonna rock your yaoi socks! lol
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